Why you should pick a medical practitioner over a beautician

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Beauty therapists and beauticians have no previous experience of disposal of bloodstained waste. They would not want to report any adverse incident as it would draw attention to their activities.

Doctors and Nurses are familiar with disposal of bloodstained waste and cleanliness to avoid cross-contamination. They are aware of the need to report any adverse incident to the medicines healthcare regulators.

This means that you are in safe hands and will be using a safe product for your treatments

Aftercare when things go wrong

Beauty therapists and beauticians cannot administer an antidote to reverse or correct unwanted filler. They are not trained or qualified to make a diagnosis of infection and have no means to treat a problem. This is why in this case they usually do not answer the phone when you encounter a problem.

Doctors an Nurses can administer hyaluronidase and enzyme antidote to dissolve unwanted filler. They are trained to recognise infections and able to instigate appropriate treatment.

Allergic reactions

Beauty therapists and Beauticians are not trained to deal with any allergic reactions or are not able to give any appropriate response to your situation. They are unable to recognise an area of skin death nor have any means for treating it.

Doctors or Nurses are trained to deal with rate bit potentially life threatening anaphylaxis reactions. They are able to recognise the occurrence of skin necrosis and treat accordingly.

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Training to administer injections

Beauty therapists and beauticians are required to learn the administration of products in a one day course, they are presented with a syringe and needle sometimes for the first time on the training course.

Doctors an Nurses are trained in sterile techniques to ensure there will be no risk of infection. They are trained in injecting techniques and experiences in injecting material and product into people.

Discussing medical information

Beauty therapists and Beauticians will receive training on a one or two day course, with only an hour of that time physically holding a needle. They usually have no background in medicine and are usually unable to appropriately discuss medical issues.

Doctors or Nurses will have received training and examination over several years in the structures being injected. They are able to discuss health, medication and contradictions to adequately inform about benefit or risks around the products they use.

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